ACT Summer School
University of Cyprus & Notre Dame University-Louaize


The University of Cyprus and Notre Dame University-Louaize welcome applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in issues of diversity and public space to participate in a 5-day summer school taking place in Limassol and Beirut. Through virtual and live sessions that include discussions, tutorials and design research activities, groups of participants will focus on the realities of Limassol and Beirut to imagine how public space could facilitate a productive coexistence of a diverse population touching upon issues of class, gender, ethnicity and race.

The summer school is funded by the University of Cyprus ACT project and provides accommodation and board for Cyprus-based participants for the duration of the workshop. Lebanon-based participants will participate virtually.

For further details and to apply please use this link: or write to
[email protected]
for any enquiry or expression of interest.


Application Deadline: 21.05.2021
Decisions out by 26.05.2021