Cypriot Nominations: Mies van der Rohe Awards 2021

Cyprus Architects Association announces the five (5) projects that will represent Cyprus in the European Architecture Competition for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2021.

The Jury consists of three Architects members, Michael Seroff, Margarita Kritioti and Pavlos Feraios, who studied in detail the fifteen (15) project proposals submitted to the Cyprus Architects Association. Based on the criteria set by the Mies Van Der Rohe Foundation, selected five (5) projects.

The five (5) projects are equal.

House with four Gardens
draftworks * architects
Christiana Ioannou, Christos Papastergiou

The Garden House in the city
Christos Pavlou Architecture

NOA Architects (CSKZ notonlyarchitecture)
Spyros Th. Spyrou, Haris Christodoulou

HOUSE 1607
Simpraxis architects
Marios Christodoulidis, Christos Christodoulou

Concrete House @ Paniotis
Markella Menikou Chartered Architect