CyJCCT Contracts

The Cyprus Joint Construction Contracts Tribunal (CyJCCT) was established in October 1995. The committee consists of:

  • Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association (CCEAA)
  • Cyprus Architects Association (CAA)
  • Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers (CYACE)
  • The Association of Quantity Surveyors Cyprus (SEEOKK) and the
  • Cyprus Building Contractors Association (OSEOK).

As you already know, CyJCCT manages the Cyprus Construction Contracts, which we recommend to our Members to use.

To secure the Contracts you are invited to be a member of the Building Contractors Associations of your region.

A list of CyJCCT’s Construction Contracts is presented:

Greek Contracts

English Contracts:


  • Application for a Contract Form for Construction or Technical Building Projects
  • Application for the Submission of a Contract Form for Nominated Sub-Contractors or Material and Commodity Supply Contract Form from Designated Suppliers
  • Contract for a Designated Contractor or Contract for the Procurement of Materials and Goods for a Distributed Supplier