Code of Professional Conduct


The special work group on the Directive of the Internal Market Services has prepared a proposed European Deontological Code for those providing architectural services. This document has been periodically reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors for presentation to the General Assembly for formal approval. The Code is included separately in these documents.


The Code has been developed in the context of the SIM Directive, with the belief that taking dynamic action is better than waiting for action from external organizations in the profession. The purpose of the Code is to fulfill the ambition expressed in Article 39 of the proposed Directive. As stated in the introduction of the text of the proposed Code, its adoption will have no legal commitment to any of the Member Organizations of the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE).

However, in order to be considered a profession that has achieved a credible and beneficial step in the interests of our projects, and therefore for society, it is important to ensure that no Deontological Code in effect in a Member State is or is prepared by an ACE Member Organization will not be in conflict with the principles and implications set out in the proposed European Code.

Power of Adoption

Following the adoption of the proposed European Deontological Code by the General Assembly, the first step for ACE would be to notify the European Commission of its adoption by the Board.

The second step would be for each ACE Member Organization to examine its own Deontological Code to ensure that there are no inconsistencies between the European Deontological Code and their own. For those Member Organizations that do not yet have a Deontological Code or are in the process of revising their own, the hope is that the European Deontological Code will be a reference point for the content of such code.

The European Deontological Code attached in Greek and English.