Architecture Competition Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum


Project Authors: Chariton Lazarides, Tatiana Ioannidou
Alessandra Swiny – Head of the Architecture Department / Associate Professor / tutor of the Arch 002 “Human Topographies_Emerging Identities”
Yiorgos Hadjichristou – Professor / tutor of the Arch 002 “Human Topographies_Emerging Identities”
Christos Xenofontos – 4th year student assistant
Country: Cyprus
University: University of Nicosia

The third place winners of the Uganda LGBT Youth Asylum architecture competition taking zoning to another level, creating a village-within-a-building in their project. Their designs are very in keeping with the local community, creating a sustainable environment that works to futher integrate LGBT people into the wider community.

The designs created by our third place winners, place a strong focus on using sustainable materials and accessing sustainable resources such as collecting rainwater and incorporating solar panels. The materials and designs used in this project are also especially in keeping with the local environment and community. Brick is featured as a primary construction material in these designs, it is also a material that is often produced locally and so works to support the community in the youth centre’s construction while at the same time keeping costs low.